Taking it easy

Canterbury, United Kingdom
Saturday, May 6, 2006

Today was our lazy day. We did our washing, watched TV and slummed around the house for the morning. The weather has been typically British - drizzly rain although not too cold. Everyone is trying to convince me that they had a lovely hot day last Wednesday... seems we may have arrived a day too late and missed Spring altogether.

Noah is a very bright, delightful 2 year old who can be stubbornly defiant in 2 languages (English and Spanish). He was rather taken with the BOSS but could not quite get a grip on her name so he called her George for most of the morning. At lunchtime we all headed into town to have lunch at the Two Sawyers and use their wireless hotspot.

Unfortunately the pub was closed so we had Moroccan buffet instead. They spotted our young companion and sensibly seated us downstairs amongst 1000 cushions where Noah had the run of the room and the adult folk could partake in continuous helpings of fabulous Moroccan dishes, half a roasted animal and a variety of baklava.

We then wandered around the town centre for the next 3 hours walking off our lunch. After coffee, the BOSS and I went in search of an internet cafe to check our emails. Speaking of emails - I got none! Well actually I got 54 but 48 of those were spam and 6 were business. Which begs the question... where are all my emails from home?

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