At last I get a scooter fix

Colchester, United Kingdom
Sunday, May 7, 2006

I woke up on Sunday morning around 6am which is quite normal for me. The really abnormal thing was that I had crashed the night before at 6pm. I must have really needed 12 hours sleep but I don't feel at all jetlagged.

Naomi and the BOSS headed off to the University library to do some study and I drove over to Colchester to meet Paul and Claire from the Saddlesore International Scooter Club. They are such a delightful welcoming couple. Their house is filled with scooter memorabilia and they even have a dog called Vespa. Another couple joined us for dinner and they all discussed their upcoming trip to Austria for a scooter rally. The BOSS and I will try to meet up with them in Linz if our dates coincide. A wonderful pleasant evening was followed by a not so wonderful drive home. Although the roads are very very good and the signage is brilliant compared to Australia, the drivers love speeding and tailgating and it was too wet to be doing either. I was rather pleased to see that motorcycles go free through the Dartford Tunnel toll, although I didn't actually see any bikes on the road.

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