Taking care of business

Amalfi, Italy
Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today was our bludge day where we took care of all the niggly stupid stuff. We washed and we sorted and we threw out. We wrote postcards and emails and caught up with schoolwork. We have decided to go back to Rome on our way to Florence and try one more time to get into the Sistine Chapel. We figured that even if we have to sleep in the car and start the line at 5am, it's an opportunity that should not be passed up. Our man in Rome, Chris, came through once again and Carla gave us a phone number for the Sistine Chapel tour group. We booked a tour at 8.15am for Saturday. I rang around several hostels and arranged accommodation in Rome, Florence and Venice.

We packed another box of stuff to send back to Naomi and then took it and the panniers/helmets to the Post Office. For some strange reason the post office could not accept parcels after 11am. [I think she was making it up because she didn't want to figure out how to send a huge box to Switzerland when the ignorant Aussies spoke no Italian].

01 Lazy day by the courtyard
Lazy day by the courtyard
02 Doing emails
Doing emails
03 Our kitchen
Our kitchen
04 The loungeroom
The loungeroom
06 Messy campers
Messy campers
06 Our Spa
Our Spa
07 Two toilets??
Two toilets??
08 Our tiny balcony
Our tiny balcony
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