A most pleasant train journey

Geneva, Bern, Switzerland
Sunday, June 4, 2006

Our flight to Geneva was at midday leaving us no time to do any further site seeing, so we spent a relaxed morning until our mini bus trip back to the airport. It is a shame to be leaving Budapest so soon. I liked what I had seen and would probably revisit one day and experience more of her hospitality.

Our flight to Geneva was uneventful and we managed quite successfully to spend three hours wandering around the city and the lake in the gorgeous sunshine eating Swiss chocolate.

I had attempted to get accommodation for one night in Geneva but as the world cup soccer now encroached upon Europe, there were no rooms to be found under 120 euros. We had been offered accommodation in Bern from a lovely lady from the Hospitality Club and I asked if we caught a late train to Bern whether she could put us up for two nights. She readily agreed - most helpfully looked up the train timetable for us and agreed to pick us up at the station. Having this type of personal experience with real locals makes a big difference when traveling.

The train was luxurious - even in second class. It was really comfortable, quiet and fast. The view was spectacular and I couldn't wait to see the green fields, mountains and rivers from a scooter seat instead of through the train window. It was the most delightful 2 hour train journey I have ever had.

Sabine met us at Bern station and took us to her apartment and introduced us to her son Yannis. Our room was in the attic (4 flights up - oh my poor knees). We spent a truly delightful evening chatting and swapping travel stories.

01 Geneva fountain
Geneva fountain
02 A monument
A monument
03 Out for a sunday stroll
Out for a sunday stroll
04 The view
The view
05 Odd Catholic church
Odd Catholic church
06 an ORANGE Beta Eikon
an ORANGE Beta Eikon
07 Sphinx with breasts??
Sphinx with breasts??
08 The BOSS on the train
The BOSS on the train
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