Never underestimate the value of clean clothes

Bern, Switzerland
Monday, June 5, 2006

Today has been one of the best days so far. Sabine is an absolutely delightful human being and so easy to be around. We spent the day walking around Bern old town and along the river to the bear pit. We stopped and had a light lunch before tackling the rest of the city.

The weather is sunny and warm which Sabine informs me was not the case just 3 days ago.
We also managed to get ALL our clothes washed to a more acceptable standard than handwashing in hotel sinks.

That evening, Sabine cooked us a traditional Swiss dinner of Raclette - basically it's melted cheese over potatoes and meat and salad etc etc - anyway, it was really really delicious. Another dinner guest was Suzanne who was a fascinating lady born in Peru and working in Switzerland as an artist and a clown.

01 Bern main street
Bern main street
02 Fountain
03 From the top
From the top
04 The river
The river
05 The town and the river
The town and the river
06 The path along the river
The path along the river
07 Testing the water temperature
Testing the water temperature
08 The Bear
The Bear
09 A nicely decorated fountain
A nicely decorated fountain
10 The church spire
The church spire
11 Flags
12 Town clock
Town clock
13 Town clock
Town clock
14 Another fountain
Another fountainNote: the world's worst haircut is started to grow out
15 Sabine and Dinner
Sabine and Dinner
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