Is it Sunday already??

Landeck, Austria
Sunday, June 11, 2006

Having slept badly due to the three squeaking bunk beds in our dorm room of six, I swore from now on I would accept only twin rooms in youth hostels. We rose early and were first in line for breakfast along with the keen cyclists who were dressed and ready to hit the road.

We left our panniers and other heavy gear at the hostel and attacked the Malbun pass. Liechtenstein is not that big so the road to Malbun was not that long but it was good and windy and steep with lots of hairpin bends. At the top we took the chairlift to the highest peak where we had a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains. We spent a few hours at the top and enjoyed yet another wonderful Swiss hot chocolate.

A short drive north and we entered Austria without even realising it. The BOSS is very disappointed that her passport is not being stamped as proof of having visited various countries. We had been advised on a traveling website to take an alternative route from Bludenz to Landeck. This would take us up yet another windy pass to Silvretta. At the top is Kops Lake, partly man made, which has an odd cloudy green colour.

The scooter, with two people and fully laden, handles these passes really well - although we are overtaken by every form of vehicle, including farm tractors and very fast cyclists. We are averaging about 130km per day and this is broken up over several hours and taken at a nice sedate pace so that we can watch the scenery, smell the flowers (and cows) and not get hit by too many bugs. Our longest day in the saddle was five hours (with three breaks) and the BOSS had a very numb bum and was walking funny for several hours afterwards.

We arrived in Landeck fairly early in the evening and once again began our search for accommodation and once again hoping we could find some with internet included. Our supposed obsession with finding wireless internet accommodation is not as silly as it sounds. As we finish riding around 5pm each day and as we can't understand Swiss/ German/ Austrian television, we need something else to do in the long summer evenings other than stare at each other and, god forbid, actually talk to each other.

We found a charming little guest house (unfortunately without internet) and ventured out to explore the town and find a place to eat. When in Austria one must order Wiener schnitzel for dinner. So we did.

01 Kops road
Kops road
02 Kops lake
Kops lake
03 Kops mountain
Kops mountain
04 The road down from Kops
The road down from Kops
05 Painted house in Landeck
Painted house in Landeck
06 Yeah - let's stay here
Yeah - let's stay here
07 These are Austrian Alps
These are Austrian Alps
08 A castle, a bridge and a river
A castle, a bridge and a river
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