All that glitters is not gold

Innsbruck, Austria
Thursday, June 15, 2006

We have spent the last 3 nights in the basement of LA House in Fussen which has been a good base and having access to internet has been a bonus. The basement room is huge and able to sleep 5 so it's been nice to spread out our junk and watch TV and sit on a proper lounge, although it's a bit cold at night.

We left reluctantly and headed off to Innsbruck to track down some summer snowboarding for the BOSS. After the taste she got on top of Jungfrau, she is keen to learn how to spend less time on her backside and more time upright. We arrived just after lunch to a completely deserted town - like something out of a Sci-Fi novel. Nothing was open except for the Information office with the worlds most efficient and helpful information officer in attendance. In 10 minutes we had organised a day of snowboarding for the BOSS, a day of motorcycling over the Brennerpass for me and our accommodation for the night.

With armfuls of brochures and maps, we checked into our hotel and decided what to do with the rest of the day. We headed off walking into town, not realising that today was the hottest day so far this year for Innsbruck and it didn't take long for us to start wilting. We spent an hour in the airconditioned Crystal Cave and then braved the heat to see the Golden roof and a few other unimpressive fountains and statues. As the heat had entirely sapped our enthusiasm for sightseeing, we went back to the hotel for a cold shower and a good lie down.

01 The Golden Roof
The Golden Roof
02 Innsbruck painted building
Innsbruck painted building
03 Innsbruck painted building
Innsbruck painted building
04 Tramlines everywhere
Tramlines everywhere
05 Crystal Cave
Crystal Cave
06 Crystal hand
Crystal hand
07 Crystal spider
Crystal spider
08 Crystal tiger
Crystal tiger
09 The BOSS wants this for her formal
The BOSS wants this for her formal
10 It glows in the dark
It glows in the dark
11 The BOSS relaxing
The BOSS relaxing
12 Too many BOSSes
Too many BOSSes
13 The BOSS wants one of these
The BOSS wants one of these
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