Our first taste of rain

Salzburg, Austria
Saturday, June 17, 2006

Once again, a huge breakfast (which we liberated for lunch) was followed by packing the bike and hitting the road. We didn't have far to go to reach Salzburg and hoped to get there early enough to squeeze in some sightseeing or something in the afternoon.

The day started fine but quickly deteriorated with rain hitting us half an hour from Salzburg. We donned wet weather gear and kept going but even after we reached the centre of town and the information centre the rain had not eased up. Once again the hunt was on for a room, even though I had emailed ahead two days prior to try and organise something. We found the guesthouse who denied getting my email and said they were full - didn't we know there was a Harley Davidson Convention in town??

The first youth hostel was also full, the second youth hostel only had space in a dorm and the one pension we tried wanted 80 euros for a room up three flights of stairs.
So we reluctantly accepted the dorm room in the youth hostel and were grateful to get out of the rain.

Our clean clothes situation had become critical so our first priority was to find a washing machine. This youth hostel is huge - over 300 beds and can cater for school groups etc. In the entire youth hostel they have one washing machine!

We found a Laundromat near the train station and as an added bonus it had internet. Thus the rest of the day was whittled away doing domestic chores, until dinner.

Dinner was provided by the youth hostel, giving me flash backs to my college days when I lived on campus and ate off trays. The food was not much better than my college days but it was more convenient than venturing out again.

After dinner we partook in the obligatory viewing of Sound of Music (which incidentally is shown every night at 8pm).

At 4.30am the Hills were Alive with the Sounds of Soccer Hooligans.

01 Hostels have the best views
Hostels have the best views
02 Salzburg
03 Salzburg has the funniest T-shirts
Salzburg has the funniest T-shirts
04 More funny t-shirts
More funny t-shirts
05 More funny t-shirts
More funny t-shirts
06 Salzburg has the BIGGEST suitcases!
Salzburg has the BIGGEST suitcases!
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