What World Cup?

Munich, Germany
Monday, June 19, 2006

After a much better night sleep in our private room we packed our bags and left them and the bike at the hostel while we explored Salzburg on foot. Most of the city centre is pedestrian only and this makes for nice little alley ways with cute little shops and interesting sculptures on every corner. We have voted Salzburg the town with the most curious sculptures ranging from the old and traditional to the very modern, weird and wonderful.

We stumbled across a VW exhibition in the toy museum and we spent a fascinating hour looking at the exhibits. I have very fond memories of my year spent in the UK and Europe with my mother and my two brothers and our two toned VW kombi van in 1972.

We returned to the hostel and had a quick lunch before loading the bike and heading off to Munich. The temperature had risen to a not so comfortable 29 degrees. Once again we took the smaller roads and only got lost once. However, whilst trying to get back to the main road I was led astray by the BOSS navigating us onto a dirt bicycle track for 10 kms. As bad as it was, it was still preferable to the autobahn.

I had prebooked our Munich accommodation at Motel One and it was some of the cheapest we have come across particularly considering that the world cup is in town. It is nice to arrive late in the afternoon in a new town and know that you don't have to hunt for accommodation. We found the hotel easily and although Putzbrunn is one of the very outer suburbs, it is on the ring road and from there, with the bike, we could get anywhere. The room was lovely and it had wireless internet so we decided to stay an extra two days.

We wandered down to the main street and bought supplies at the local supermarket including a salad for dinner. We had chosen what looked like a dill and mayonnaise salad dressing from the deli although we couldn't be sure because we can't read German. The checkout lady had very limited English so we played charades to indicate that the dressing was for the salad. She laughed and shook her head violently and attempted to explain that it was for bread but we bought it anyway as there seemed to be no other alternatives. We put it on our salad and it was not too bad.

01 The BOSS chilling out
The BOSS chilling out
02 A fountain
A fountain
03 A statue
A statue
04 Grim reaper statue
Grim reaper statue
05 Church door
Church door
06 A fountain
A fountain
07 A helicopter
A helicopter
08 A helicopter and a fountain ???
A helicopter and a fountain ???I have no idea what an upside down helicopter is doing in the main square of Salzburg...
09 Mozart
10 I think it's a treble clef
I think it's a treble clef
11 Coolest weather station ever
Coolest weather station ever
12 Skinniest shop - with balls???
Skinniest shop - with balls???
13 Skinnest shop's gargoyle
Skinnest shop's gargoyle
14 The BOSS and her chocolate shop
The BOSS and her chocolate shop
15 Hats from the 50's
Hats from the 50's
16 A strange statue
A strange statue
17 Another strange statue
Another strange statue
18 And another strange statue
And another strange statue
19 Puppets from the toy museum
Puppets from the toy museum
20 Very ugly toys from the toy museum
Very ugly toys from the toy museum
21 A Kombi camper - read the box
A Kombi camper - read the box
22 Barbie's camper
Barbie's camper
23 The BOSS's camper
The BOSS's camper
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