Too much adrenalin

Rust, Germany
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We had made arrangements to meet my uncle in a town near Freiburg. The weather was still drizzly so we headed off early to give us plenty of time to get there. About ten minutes into the journey I realised it was Wednesday, not Thursday. We would be a day early if we went to Frieburg now. We stopped and got coffee and reconsidered our options. Breda had told us about Europa Park, a large Disneyland type theme park with rollercoasters. Till had told us about an open-air museum with original 200 year old buildings and displays of authentic artifacts. The rollercoaster won.

We changed direction and figured we could get to Europa Park in about 2 hours. One wrong turn, 70kms extra, a fabulous mountain pass through the Black Forest, and 4 hours later we pulled up at Europa Park. It still gave us 4 hours to "do" the park so we got half day tickets and hit the park hard. Did you know you can do 9 rollercoasters and two lame rides in 4 hours?

And as an added bonus, my lethargy from the previous 4 days seems to have disappeared altogether.

I have just discovered the Europa Park website has a video of the Silver Star rollercoaster. Click here.

As we had not spent any money in the previous four days we decided to blow the budget and stay in one of the Europa park hotels. We tried the Tipi Village but all they could offer was a 'dorm' of 12 beds in a teepee (yes a real teepee). We opted instead for a double room in the Colosseo, a hotel with two pools, sauna, solarium, movie theater, massage room, wireless internet, all centred around a courtyard full of cafes, and a musical fountain. Unfortunately we didn't have sufficient time to utilise all the wonderful features but we did manage to eat half the buffet in one 3 hour sitting.

01 Rollercoaster one
Rollercoaster one
02 RC two - inside the ball !!
RC two - inside the ball !!
03 RC3 - the wild ride
RC3 - the wild ride
04 RC 4, 5 and 6
RC 4, 5 and 6
05 Bumper car football
Bumper car football
06 The BOSS in the bumper car
The BOSS in the bumper car
07 Damn scary horse
Damn scary horse
08 The Colosseo
The Colosseo
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