Antwerp, Belgium
Monday, July 10, 2006

It's Monday. Nothing is open on Monday. Not one museum or art gallery or garden. Had we known this we would have done more yesterday. The BOSS had picked up a brachure about a very interesting outdoor sculpture park on 11 hectares of botanic gardens and she was really keen to see it. But it was closed.

The only thing open was the cathedral and they wanted 2 euros to enter. It's against my religion to pay to enter a church but as it seemed the only thing we were going to see that day I capitulated. The guide was free and she was very good so I guess it all balances out. There are 4 original paintings by Rubens in the cathedral and our guide gave us a detailed history on all of them taking care of The BOSS's art education for the day.

There really was nothing left for us to do - and if we hadn't already paid for our nights accom, we probably should have moved on. But we liked our hotel, so we went back to it and chilled out... all afternoon... in the sun... with our books... and our belgian chocolates. Delightful !

01 The cathedral by night
The cathedral by night
02 The stage
The stage
03 The world cup
The world cup
04 The cathedral organ
The cathedral organ
05 The pulpit
The pulpit
06 The arched window
The arched window
07 The round window
The round window
08 Inside the church
Inside the church
09 Upwards
10 Our hotel
Our hotel
11 Our bedroom
Our bedroom
12 More killer stairs
More killer stairs
13 The breakfast room
The breakfast room
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