Heading further south

Amiens, France
Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We spent the morning in the 'In Flanders Field' museum at Ypres which was extremely well designed and presented with the exception of some of the information cards being printed far too small for people to read comfortably. I believe that the BOSS has absorbed more information in the past day than she had in a full term at school when they studied WWI.

We had one more day until we were due in Paris and as it was not worth going all the way to Luxembourg as planned, we decided to go into France and have a quick visit of Villiers Bretonneux. There is a new Franco Australian Museum dedicated to the soldiers of the Somme and also my great uncle's name appears on the Australian memorial at Villiers Bret.

We caught the bus and then three trains to Amiens. I really wish I had a scooter!
It was passed 5pm by the time we arrived and luckily the Information Centre was still open. Unluckily it was in the centre of town - 1km from the train station. We lugged our bags into town and were loaded up with a ton more brochures and directions to a good cheap hotel - which was back at the train station - so we lugged our bags all the way back. The hotel was called the Anzac and it had all the same brochures we had just picked up from the Information Centre!

Our hosts did not speak on word of English so with much sign language and hand gestures we were able to get a nice room. We sat down to absorb all the brochures and tours and pamphlets - and discovered that we should have stayed at Albert instead of Amiens, as that is where all the tours start from.
We decided the best option was to do our own "tour" and just get the train directly to VB in the morning, visit the museum and memorial then get the train through to Paris in the afternoon.

Geez I wish I had a scooter!!

01 Amiens cathedral
Amiens cathedral
02 Amiens cathedral
Amiens cathedral
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