Too damn hot

Paris, France
Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's nice to be in the same place for a few days but it makes us lazy. I like not having to pack every morning and move on but when all our crap remains on the floor for five days, it is not a pretty site. We also tend to get up later, have a leisurely shower and laze around for a bit before we get going. The only thing that gets us out of the room before midday is the need for caffeine.

MAF was up nice and early and waiting for us in the courtyard. We all headed off to our "local" coffee shop and planned the day. The BOSS and MAF went off to see Picasso while I had a second cuppa, then we all visited a photographic exhibition which was excellent. The Pompidou was next on the agenda and as it was fairly close by we decided to walk. The day was heating up so we were glad of the air conditioning of the gallery.

Now, we have already established the fact that I am a heathen when it comes to art. I'm bored with the old masters and their dark and dreary portrayals of life. I'm extremely bored with Madonna and Child or Jesus being crucified. I quite liked Van Gogh and I love photography but the Pompidou was "modern" art. Five floors of modern "art".
After one floor I had the overwhelming desire to scream "that is not art - that is a red plastic triangle blu-tacked to the wall!!!!"
I have a box full of paintings done by the BOSS aged 2 which were better than some of the stuff on display.

One section was devoted to film art - short 5 minutes films on continual loop. One was a man walking slowly around a box. Another was a man writing a letter with pen and ink - very slowly. Out of 20+ films there was only one which could be considered close to being artistic. It was a fast edited piece of all the famous actresses from the old Hollywood films of the 1950's. It was very good and the only decent piece of art in five floors. (In my opinion)

When we emerged from the lovely air conditioning we were hit with a wall of heat at least 33oC. It was 6pm!!
We caught the Metro up to the Montmartre area and found Pigalle and Moulin Rouge. From the outside, the building was more than a bit boring - I would have liked to go to the Can-Can show but it was 87 euros each. We settled on having dinner in a fast food joint and then wandered slowly up to Sacre Coeur to watch the sunset.
We caught the funicular to the top and looked out over a spectacular view of Paris. The steps below the church were packed out with tourists being entertained by various buskers. Some were very good like the guy playing all the old Beatles classics - and some were atrocious like the belly dancer/striptease artiste.
It was all very pleasant for an hour and the view was stunning.
It was still 33oC at 11pm.

01 Me and the BOSS getting decent coffee
Me and the BOSS getting decent coffee
02 Brunch
03 Cool Vespa
Cool Vespa
04 Pompidou Centre
Pompidou Centre
05 Inside the Pompidou Centre
Inside the Pompidou Centre
06 Strange fountains outside the Pompidou
Strange fountains outside the Pompidou
07 Strange fountains outside the Pompidou
Strange fountains outside the Pompidou
08 Strange fountains outside the Pompidou
Strange fountains outside the Pompidou
09 Old in new
Old in new
10 Cool statue
Cool statue
11 Pigalle Folies - ho hum
Pigalle Folies - ho hum
12 Moulin Rouge - ho ho hum
Moulin Rouge - ho ho hum
13 The kids cooling off over a cold air vent
The kids cooling off over a cold air vent
14 Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur
15 Sacre Coeur
Sacre Coeur
16 Inside Sacre Coeur
Inside Sacre Coeur
17 View from Sacre Coeur
View from Sacre Coeur
18 Sacre Coeur at sunset
Sacre Coeur at sunset
19 Sunset over Paris
Sunset over Paris
20 The BOSS scares boys!
The BOSS scares boys!
21 Me and the BOSS, just faces in the crowd
Me and the BOSS, just faces in the crowd
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