A day at the seaside

Canterbury, United Kingdom
Sunday, July 23, 2006

There was an Oyster festival happening at Whitstable which is only 20kms from Canterbury, so Naomi bundled the family in the car and we followed on the canary to the "seaside". As the weather has been fantastic for the last week, the town was packed with holidaymakers.

We strolled along the seafront (walkway made of wooden boards) and came to the fish market. There were tons of stalls selling all sorts of seafood but all the oysters had been seconded for the oyster eating competition and so we had to settle for prawn kebabs for lunch. As delicious as this was, it was not satisfactorily filling so we wandered back into town to seek out a cafe suitable for a 2 year old. Finding nothing that was not packed out, we had to settle for a patch of "beach" and a blanket with fish and chips and lukewarm soft drinks.

Noah headed straight for the water, not waiting to get changed out of his clothes. Naomi and Alberto played tag team with Noah who refused to get out of the water for the next three hours. The tide went out revealing charming black goopy mud to match the charming black goopy sand - I think I actually preferred lying on the pebbled "beach".

Noah, enticed by ice cream, emerged from the water but not even the sugar hit could keep him awake so we decided to call it a day. It had been one of those lovely rare days when we did very little but as we had got out of the house and away from the telly, we still had a sense that we had achieved something.

We spent the rest of the evening at home avoiding packing for our departure the following day.

01 A fine British specimen
A fine British specimen
02 The BOSS on the "beach"
The BOSS on the "beach"
03 The "waves"
The "waves"
04 Noah at his cutest
Noah at his cutest
05 This is British sand
This is British sand
06 The BOSS is not impressed with pebbles
The BOSS is not impressed with pebbles
07 Pretty seaside
Pretty seaside
08 Tired after a big day
Tired after a big day
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