Four Marks, United Kingdom
Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stonehenge - it is one of the few things the BOSS remembers from her visit to England when she was five. She was able to describe the tunnel and the path and paintings but the big difference was the temperature. When we had last visited it was 3oC and the middle of winter and now it was 33oC. The crowds had not quite built up to capacity so we had a fairly decent view of the rocks and the audio guide was excellent.

We pushed on to Devizes, had lunch and then spent a few hours wandering around the town and looking longingly at the canal boats (in a previous life I spent quite a few very enjoyable weekends living on canal boats).

We made our way slowly back to Four Marks by going down all the lovely country lanes and through Salisbury Plains where the army play their little boys games.

Gerald had organised a BBQ, so we spent a very pleasant evening chatting to his Icelandic boarders.

01 The BOSS at Stonehenge
The BOSS at Stonehenge
02 Stonehenge
03 Crowds at Stonehenge
Crowds at Stonehenge
04 And I thought we had a lot of gear
And I thought we had a lot of gear
05 The littlest things amuse me
The littlest things amuse me
06 Cool keys
Cool keys
07 Canal boats at Deivisers
Canal boats at Deivisers
08 The BOSS teasing the locals
The BOSS teasing the locals
09 Dieviserersdfa clock tower
Dieviserersdfa clock tower
10 Country lane
Country lane
11 Thatched cottages
Thatched cottages
12 Another thatched cottage
Another thatched cottage
13 Cool tree
Cool tree
14 Country lane
Country lane
15 Makes a change from cows crossing
Makes a change from cows crossing
16 Another sweet country lane
Another sweet country lane
17 BBQ at Geralds
BBQ at Geralds
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