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London, United Kingdom
Thursday, July 27, 2006

We left Four Marks at 9.30am and headed north to London. Naomi had been asked to housesit in Teddington, one of the outer suburbs of London, and there was room enough for us to stay. This was a great relief and great timing as the cost of accommodation is ridiculously stupid. A very average room in a hostel is around 60 pounds ($150).

We didn't have a proper map of the area and the A to Z (street directory) we had been given didn't extend to the outer suburbs. I looked up the route on the internet and tried to memorise the way but the map was not detailed enough to give me a precise location. We had a good run into London - just under an hour, and then turned right instead of left. When we realised our mistake, we backtracked and then stopped to ask for directions. My second mistake was asking a man for directions. My third mistake was asking a second man for directions. We went through the same traffic jam twice and I would have given anything for my little scooter so that I could lane split - the canary was far too wide especially with panniers. We got hopelessly lost until I pulled into a service station and looked at a map. We then reached our destination within 5 minutes. [It is a myth that women can't navigate. I have a terrific sense of spatial awareness and lived in London many years ago. I could navigate around London with the A to Z without getting lost and once I had driven a route I didn't need the map the second time. The BOSS seems to have inherited this quality.]

We unpacked our gear, had a quick lunch then jumped on the train into London so as not to waste any more of the day. We bought tickets for the Big Bus sightseeing tour and settled back to be entertained. This tour had a live guide who was very funny and it operated on two loops of the city - one east and one west. We sat up on the top deck and as the weather was still over 30o, we were grateful for the breeze. Two hours later we had completed the east loop and seen all the major sites (see piccies) and we were desperate for some food and a toilet.

One of the "must do" things on our list was a West End show - Les Miserables or Chicago - so we headed off to Leicester Square to the half price ticket booth. We were a bit late and all the cheap tickets were gone so we settled for the next best thing - X-Men. An evening with Hugh Jackman is not entirely unpleasant.

01 A very brown Green Park
A very brown Green Park
02 Wellington Arch
Wellington Arch
03 War memorial
War memorial
04 War memorial for animals
War memorial for animals
05 Cool crown lights
Cool crown lights
06 Eros in Piccadilly Circus
Eros in Piccadilly Circus
07 A very odd statue in Trafalgar Square
A very odd statue in Trafalgar Square
08 Downing Street
Downing Street
09 Big Ben
Big Ben
10 London Eye
London Eye
11 A squishy church
A squishy church
12 A not so squishy church
A not so squishy church
13 Great Fire memorial
Great Fire memorial
14 Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
15 Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
16 A cool dragon
A cool dragon
17 Another cool dragon
Another cool dragon
18 The BOSS at Leicester Square
The BOSS at Leicester Square
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