Back in time

London, United Kingdom
Saturday, July 29, 2006

We had been invited to lunch by my old employers Timothy West and Prunella Scales. Although we didn't have an extensive map, the BOSS managed to navigate from Teddington to Wandsworth with no trouble at all. It was such a delight to see Tim and Pru again and the house had changed little from when I lived there 22 years ago. We sat in the garden and caught up on all the news of there two sons Sam and Joe. We had a delightful lunch with amusing banter and Tim, aged in his 70's, is still as quick witted and funny as always.

As we had matinee tickets we had to leave at one thirty allowing plenty of time in case we struck traffic. The BOSS graduated from navigation school by directing us from Wandsworth to Leicester Square with a miniature A-Z from the back of the bike without once being thrown by the ridiculous one way road system or detours due to road works.

We parked in one of the many free motorcycle parking bays dotted around the city - something else London does extremely well. We arrived at Queen's theatre three minutes before curtain up and were enthralled for the next three hours with the spectacle of Les Miserables.

After the show we attempted to resume our viewing of the National Portrait Gallery however the nine pm closing time only applies to Thursdays and Fridays not Saturdays. We then attempted to get more half price tickets to another West End show but once again these were unavailable. There was little left to do as everything on our list would now be closed and the overcast conditions made it unsuitable to go and fly the London Eye. So we went home.

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