Off North

Cambridge, United Kingdom
Monday, July 31, 2006

By the time we finished packing, stripping and remaking beds, cleaning bathrooms and generally tidying the house, it was almost 10:30am. We took the northern circular route around the city, stopping briefly to drop off an invoice to my one and only London client. The road to Colchester, the A12, was on the exact opposite side of London from Teddington. The traffic was not too heavy but it still took over two hours to reach the A12. We stopped at a Tesco's supermarket, had a very average but cheap lunch and stocked up on needed supplies.

We set off again and just as we reached the dual carriageway we struck heavy traffic, so bad that it was like a parking lot. Instead of sitting in the traffic I started to lane split even though I had the panniers on. After about a mile I heard an ambulance behind me and all of the traffic parted like the Red Sea to allow it through. I, rather cheekily, followed the ambulance through the newly created hole. Surprisingly it was seven miles until we reached the scene of the accident which was blocking the entire road. Nobody could get through so we were all trapped for the next two hours. When it started to spit with rain the BOSS took refuge in the cab of the tow truck and read her book.

When the road was finally cleared we made it to Colchester and had the headlights fixed by 4:30. Although there were a few black clouds hanging around, there was still quite a lot of blue sky and the temperature was a comfortable 28oC, so we decided to resume our itinerary and headed off to Cambridge. It took two hours on the back roads which was much nicer riding than the damn highways. We had very little trouble finding a nice guest house (45 pounds) and before we could fall down exhausted, we walked into town found a pub and had a very nice dinner (mine was nice the BOSS was not so satisfied).

Great name for a shop
Great name for a shop
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