No rain but too damned windy for my liking

Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom
Tuesday, August 1, 2006

We packed our bags and left them in the hotel while we went exploring the town. Our first stop, as usual, was the tourist office and there we learnt there was a walking tour beginning in 10 minutes. It was led by a lovely man who was passionate about Cambridge and had a healthy dose of rivalry with Oxford. We saw Kings College and Trinity College and the tour was excellent and lasted 2.5 hours, by which time we were starving. Our guide pointed us to an old church which had been converted into a cafe - the food was indeed very good. Afterwards we wandered around the street market and then headed back to pick up our bags.

At around 3pm we set off for Stratford-Upon-Avon. The weather had been overcast and very windy all day and the temperature had dropped to 18oC. There was heavy cloud all around and we could see that it was raining ahead but our route seemed to avoid all the storms and we got hit with a total of 6 drops of rain. Quite strange really. Then wind was very strong and I was actually grateful for the Canary's weight as she handled much better in the wind than the lighter bikes. Even so, it was a long slow ride to Stratford and it took the best part of 3 hours. We were cruising down one street when the BOSS spotted a B & B, Hamlet House, offering free internet access. Surprisingly it was only 40 pounds so we stayed - the quickest we have ever found accommodation!

It was a charming little terrace with an eccentric delightful landlady. She told us where to find a cheap dinner so we set forth to explore the town and fill our bellies. The town was delightful but the meal was average.

01 A woolly mammoth
A woolly mammoth
02 A lizard and a woolly lizard
A lizard and a woolly lizard
03 The haunted Eagle Hotel
The haunted Eagle Hotel
04 DNA was discovered in the Eagle pub
DNA was discovered in the Eagle pub
05 King's College
King's College
06 King's College
King's College
07 King's College
King's College
08 King's College
King's College
09 King's College
King's College
10 King's College Chapel ceiling
King's College Chapel ceiling
11 King's College
King's College
12 Trinity College
Trinity College
13  Trinity College
Trinity College
14  Trinity College
Trinity College
15 A lousy punter
A lousy punter
16 A house in Stratford
A house in Stratford
17 Another house in Stratford
Another house in Stratford
18 A street in Stratford
A street in Stratford
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