Shakespeare territory

Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom
Wednesday, August 2, 2006

As we only have 20 days to "do" all of the UK, we have to keep moving each day. So far we have been seeing a town in the morning then riding to the next city. This has made me very tired in the evenings so we decided to switch it round to ride first thing in the morning. We can arrive early when the Tourist Office is still open and we can find a hotel in the daylight. We can then spend the rest of the day and evening sightseeing and relaxing. Or so the theory goes.

So, as we are going to spend an extra night in Hamlet House, we relaxed into the day - did our washing and took our time over lunch. We picked up the self guided walking tour brochure from the Tourist Information Centre and set forth to "do" the town. We managed to complete the entire 27 points of interest in the next 4 hours and some were very interesting indeed. We didn't go into any of the "houses" as they were all way overpriced - 8 pounds each - but I think the BOSS has been infused with all things Shakespearean.

Unfortunately, the only play being performed at the Royal Shakespeare Company was Henry VI part III. (Part I and II had been on earlier in the day). This did not appeal to the BOSS so we gave it a miss and headed back to the hotel. As we had had such a large lunch, we opted for salad from Sainsbury's for dinner. One of the best things about the supermarkets in England is the variety of cheap, ready-made salads.

01 Our B & B - Hamlet house
Our B & B - Hamlet house
02 The BOSS and friend
The BOSS and friend
03 Shakespeare's birthplace
Shakespeare's birthplace
04 Jester statue
Jester statue
05 American fountain without water
American fountain without water
06 Shakespeare's school
Shakespeare's school
07 Shakespeare's grave
Shakespeare's grave
08 Carved choir seats
Carved choir seats
09 RSC
10 Old Bank
Old Bank
11 Terracotta panels 1
Terracotta panels
These twelve panels each contain a scene from a Shakespeare play - we managed to identify only two - ignornat aren't we...
12 Terracotta panel 2
Terracotta panel 2
13 Terracotta panel 3
Terracotta panel 3
14 Ragdoll productions
Ragdoll productions
This is the location of the Telly Tubbies production company - the filming is done in a secret location outside of town... one can only assume it is secret so that they don't get mobbed by 3 year olds
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