Hard Day's Ride

Liverpool, United Kingdom
Thursday, August 3, 2006

It was a long and winding road from Stratford to Birmingham and we had to slow down for major roadworks. It was threatening to rain but here comes the sun to brighten our day making me glad all over. Good day sunshine. The easiest way to Liverpool was on the motorway, which I hate, but today it was not so bad with day trippers and trucks. All things must pass the Canary and that's all right, I don't fight it, I just let it be.

We were on the road for less time than yesterday and we reached Liverpool around 1.30pm. I should have known better than to trust road signs but between the two of us we can work it out. There's a place on Albert Docks which was something I wanted to show the BOSS to give her 1960's music education a boost. As we approached there was rock and roll music blasting from the basement - a great introduction to the Beatles Story. Do you want to know a secret? I was a Beatles fan in the 80's when all my friends were listening to the Bay City Rollers - I had more taste don't you think? With a little help from my friends, I did begin to appreciate later 90's bands like The Church and Midnight Oil. When I'm sixty four I will still be listening to Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane.

Across the universe kids are listening to remakes of "old" music and wondering why us oldies know the words. So how come they can't think of some original tunes? Here's a hint from me to you - All you need is love!

I want to tell you about the magical mystery tour we took. We had allocated 1.5 hours and had only paid for 2 hours parking so it was a little surprising that 3.5 hours later I was still enthralled by the exhibitions. It was excellent - one of the better museums I have visited. At 5pm I was tossed out and went in search of the BOSS. I saw her standing there, my little child, and I love her. All together now... ohhhh.

"I wanna hold your hand" but she said, "I feel fine and I need you but don't bother me".

We had to get back to the bike before she was given a ticket to ride. All I've got to do is act naturally because usually every little thing comes my way if I wait. Don't ask me why but the parking inspector passed me by - ain't she sweet! Feeling free as a bird, the day is just getting better.

The night before I had made contact with Spencer from the Liverpool Scooter Club and he had very kindly offered for us to stay at his house for the night - even though he wasn't going to be there - let's call him nowhere man. His girlfriend Lucille, no sorry Lucia, let us in and after a quick dinner we all set off on our respective scooters into town to attend the Liverpool Club meet. I was pleased to see that the tolls are free for bikes (less money for the taxman) and they have even gone so far as to make a special lane so bikes can avoid the queue.

The scooterists had come together from here, there and everywhere - about 50 classic Vespas and Lambrettas. If you've got trouble, and you need some help, any time at all, all you need to do is shout and some other guy will come to the rescue. They were a fabulous bunch of guys and made us feel very welcome. At 11pm we said good night and we followed Lucia back across the Mersey and had a fantastic night sleep in Spencer's house. All my loving Spence - cheers mate.

For all those who think today's blog is a little weird, yes it is. Most of the BOSS's generation won't know what I'm on about but your mother should know. There are 208 Beatles songs and the first person to identify how many are included in this blog will get a prize when I get home. You know what to do! Don't let me down. Please please me! I'll be on my way now.

Love me do? Love you too !

01 The Cavern
The Cavern
02 60's fashion
60's fashion
03 Beatle's memorabilia
Beatle's memorabilia
04 More Beatle's memorabilia
More Beatle's memorabilia
05 Beatle's painting
Beatle's painting
06 Wax Beatles
Wax Beatles
07 Scooters from Liverpool
Scooters from Liverpool
08 Another Scooter
Another Scooter
09 Same scooter - different angle
Same scooter - different angle
10 Dedicated lane for motorcyclists
Dedicated lane for motorcyclists
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