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York, United Kingdom
Friday, August 4, 2006

We slept in - we haven't had that luxury for ages. It was a long long ride to York and it was made worse by the roadworks around Manchester. It may just be my imagination but distances feel much longer in miles than in kilometres.

It was nearly 3pm by the time we reached York and we did the B & B search once again. Quite a lot already had no vacancy signs in their windows and the BOSS had to ask about 10 before we found a room at the right price.

We walked back into town and collected about 20 brochures from the tourist office including info on the eight separate ghost tours. We were too late for any of the walking tours or to visit the Minster so we just wandered around town looking at all the old stuff. It was quite an enchanting little city, particularly as most of the centre is pedestrian only. Quite a lot of the shops have decorated in the old style and it is a delight to walk around. We parked ourselves at the King's Arms pub (where we picked up free wireless) and waited for one of the Ghost Tours to start.

Martin, our guide, was quite entertaining at first and we followed like sheep around the city as he told lame ghost stories from times gone by. Unfortunately, as the night wore on he became more and more self absorbed so by the end we were quite happy to ditch him and seek out some food. At least we had had a good walk around town. We couldn't find a pub that was still serving food at 9pm and we didn't feel like sitting down to a proper meal at a restaurant, so we ended up buying some milk and having muesli for dinner.

01 York Minster
York Minster
02 York Gate
York Gate
03 A wonky house
A wonky house
04 The King's Arms on Ouse
The King's Arms on Ouse
05 York Minster
York Minster
06 York Minster with scaffolding
York Minster with scaffolding
07 York Castle
York Castle
08 Our ghost guide
Our ghost guide
09 Groovy futuristic bus
Groovy futuristic bus
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