Walking back in history

York, United Kingdom
Saturday, August 5, 2006

We decided to stay an extra night so we could see as much as possible in a day. One thing that caught our fancy was the York Maze - every year they make a different, huge maze in the cornfield and the bonus was that this weekend they were having a dog agility display. [For those who don't know, I used to have a Border Collie who loved agility].
Although it was only "one mile out of town" we managed to get lost. It was not the fault of the BOSS - the map off the Maze brochure was one of the worst I have ever seen. After 45 minutes driving around York we eventually found them and I told them loud and clear how incompetant their map was!

And so after all that it was a bit of an anticlimax. The dog display was not going to start for another 1.5 hours - we weren't particularly interested in finding our way around a corn maze and the haystack had far too many toddlers on it to have any real fun (like create a bonfire). I did manage to catch up on four days of blog so not all was lost.

The pig races were a non-starter - three pigs "sprinting" 20 metres after a bucket of food! We gave the ducks and chickens a miss and waited for the beloved Border Collies to appear. They did not disappoint! If you have ever watched Flyball, you will know what I mean.

After the mornings excitement, we went back into town do the free walking tour. This was conducted by volunteers from York Historical Society and the man who was our guide was excellent. We walked all over York and learned so much of its history and were entralled to the end. Our 2 hour tour ended up being nearly 3 - 100 times better than the lame ghost walk.

The last item on our agenda was the Minster. When I was here 15 years ago, I was lucky enough to stumble on the choir rehearsals and sat in the pews for hours listening to the pure voices. This time, the only way we were going to hear the singing in the Minster was to stay for Evensong. So we did. If you are going to listen to Choral music, you may as well listen to it in an accoustically perfect cathedral! It was wonderful, but they could have done without the organ and all the talking in between the songs.

01 York Maze
York Maze
02 Scarecrow
03 Pigs
04 Dogs
05 Corner of York wall
Corner of York wall
06 St Mary's Abbey
St Mary's Abbey
07 King's Manor
King's Manor
08 Art Gallery
Art Gallery
09 The BOSS on the wall
The BOSS on the wall
10 The Shambles
The Shambles
11 The Shambles
The Shambles
12 Inside York Minster
Inside York Minster
13 Inside York Minster
Inside York Minster
14 Inside York Minster
Inside York Minster
15 The organ inYork Minster
The organ in York Minster
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