Relos to the rescue

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Tuesday, August 8, 2006

It was a long drive to Glasgow but the countryside was beautiful and the BOSS navigated the backroads beautifully. We drove about 50kms along the side of Hadrian's Wall and stopped in at Chesters Fort, an old Roman garrison, for a look at the ruins and their fabulous museum. We stopped at a lovely town called Langholm just inside the Scottish border and had our first taste of Scottish food (it tasted very much like English food to me). It was past 6pm by the time we arrived.

Last time I was in Scotland was 25 years ago as a backpacking teenager. My stepfather was Scottish, as brash as I was, I rang his relatives without notice and they put me up - or "put up with me" - depending on your viewpoint. This time, Mum had supplied me with a list of distant step relatives to contact if I needed a place to stay.

We needed a room in Glasgow so when I rang George and Sheila (first cousin, twice removed) we were given a hearty Scottish welcome equal to the return of the prodigal daughter. At a few hours notice they opened up their spare room, fed us, washed our clothes and gave us the full run-down of their lovely city. This was not actually surprising as the Scots are the most generous hospitable people you will ever meet.

01 The purple sloth
The purple sloth
02 The lonely panniers and helmets
The lonely panniers and helmets
03 The bruise - good isn't it!
The bruise - good isn't it!
04 Tow Law hotel
Tow Law hotel
05 Dry stone wall and sheep
Dry stone wall and sheep
06 Roman fort at Chesters
Roman fort at Chesters
07 Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall
08 The bridge into Scotland
The bridge into Scotland
09 The BOSS enters Scotland
The BOSS enters Scotland
10 Scottish summer
Scottish summer
11 Glasgow river
Glasgow river
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