Ready for the Ring

Killorglin, Ireland
Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today we drove all day. We had quite a distance to cover to get down to the south west corner which we had been assured was the "prettiest". The only notable thing that happened all day was that we stopped for lunch in the same pub that Billy Connolly had. The BOSS and I spent the time in the car making a list of what we will and won't miss once we are home.

So, as we have nothing else to report on this day - here is the list.
We will miss:
Belgian chocolate
Greek coffee and yoghurt
sleeping in
learning about different cultures
choosing what to eat from a menu and not having to cook it
not having a routine
spending 24hrs a day with my daughter (the BOSS does not necessarily agree with this one)
the excitement of waking up in the morning wondering what surprises the day will bring

We will not miss -
the car
feather pillows
UHT milk
hunting for internet, B&B's and decent fresh food
living in the same 3 t-shirts
the lack of decent gossip from home
lousy showers
bunk rooms in Youth hostels
foreign laundromats
not having a bathrobe and being able to wear it round the house for two hours after my shower

01 Paddy Burkes pub
Paddy Burkes pub
Billy Connolly had lunch here
02 Jordan's Bar - does not serve food
Jordan's Bar - does not serve food
03 A thatched cottage
A thatched cottage
04 Killorglin bridge
Killorglin bridge
05 A church
A church
06 Another church
Another church
07 Ireland is full of churches
Ireland is full of churches
08 Yet another church
Yet another church
09 ABC = another bloody church
ABC = another bloody church
10 ABC
11 ABC
12 ABC
13 ABC
14 ABC
15 ABC
16 ABC
17 ABC
18 ABC
19 ABC
20 ABC
21 ABC
22 ABC
23 God likes this church best
God likes this church best
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