Last infusion of British kulcha

Oxford, United Kingdom
Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Naomi left for Germany at the crack of dawn - well it was actually 7.30am but it felt like the crack of dawn. The BOSS and I then had a lazy breakfast and packed the car. Even though we are leaving the helmets and panniers behind, we have gained a whole extra suitcase. The BOSS has been collecting mementos and souvenirs from her 4 months of travels. [Family and friends should not be expecting any pressies as most of it is paper].
Luckily the luggage allowance to and from America is "2 bags per person - each bag not to weigh more than 32kgs". Sure beats the 20kg total for Australia.

We left around 10am and immediately drove into rain and a traffic jam on the M2.We made it to Windsor in time for lunch and ate in the beautiful station mall before heading up to the castle. We knocked on the castle door but the Queen wasn't home so we poked around her garden and church anyway. Quite impressive - she's done a grand job of restoration after the fire.

Around 4ish we drove on, in the rain, to Oxford and got there just in time to join their peak hour traffic jam in the city. It was a delightful crawl through the old town and after an hour we pulled over and decided to wait it out in a pub. We then did our last B&B hunt (London and NY accom has been prebooked already). It only took us 3 tries before we found a B&B at our price. Although it had the added extras of a lounge, a fridge and a fan, it lacked the basics like a shower floor. In short it was a dive - 3rd worst accommodation, just above Amsterdam and the floor of Athens airport. The bed was comfy enough though so after a scrumptious meal at the local pub we settled in for a good night sleep.

01 Cold, wet and miserable
Cold, wet and miserable
02 Not everything is so gloomy
Not everything is so gloomy
03 Winsdor Castle
Winsdor Castle
04 Winsdor Castle
Winsdor Castle
05 Winsdor Castle
Winsdor Castle
06 St George Chapel
St George Chapel
07 Changing the guard
Changing the guard
08 The new guard - we made him giggle!!!!
The new guard - we made him giggle!!!!
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