It never rains in June

Monday, June 25, 2007

Slept badly on very thin swag mattresses - so much for an insomnia cure. After breakfast we went back to Geike Gorge and did the boat cruise. It was very beautiful and we spotted many crocodiles - although they were only the freshwater types - small and not dangerous.
The clouds on the horizon were very black and that's where we supposed to be heading - Halls Creek. It started raining quite heavily and Adrian was going to pull into Halls Creek caravan park when his boss rang and told him to drive on to Kununurra. We had already been driving for many hours and Kununurra was a further 4 hours drive in heavy rain.

The group took the news quite well - there's not a lot you can do about bad weather.
It's quite a good mix of people without any majorly annoying individuals. One of the first people I instantly took a liking to was a Genteel English Maiden (we shall call her GEM). She is in her early 30's and has been traveling by herself for many months in many countries. She has a wicked sense of humour and is very quick witted - so we got on famously. There were three couples on the tour - one couple having just got together in the previous week on the tour up from Perth. These guys were so comfortable in each others presence that we thought they had been traveling together for years. The two Irish girls were a laugh (I have always loved the Irish accent) and together with the Danish girl and the German girl, we made a very cohesive little team.
The guy from Holland stood out as a lazy git - leaving all the work to others. Happy to accept meals cooked for him but never helping with the preparation or the washing up.
The bus is split into two sections: the front with 2 rows of uncomfortable seats, a smoother ride with better views but those sitting up front have to endure Adrian's music. The back has more comfortable seats, but a much bumpier ride and frigid when the air conditioner is going. I spent the whole day in the front seat - vowing not to do so again for the next week.
We pushed on - the drive was boring and tedious and soon it got very dark. We arrived at Kimberleyland Caravan Park around 7.30pm and pitched our tents in the drizzling rain. Serenaded to sleep by the dulcet tones of the didgeridoo.
Everyone keeps telling me "it never rains in June" but it is... and it's not due to stop soon.

01 Geike Gorge
Geike GorgeThe white line is how high the water gets in the wet season
02 Cool rock formations
Cool rock formationsGeike Gorge WA
03 Croc pretending to be a log
Croc pretending to be a log
04 Geike Gorge
Geike Gorge
Where the white meets the black indicates the wet season flood height
05 More cool caves
More cool caves
06 Bird's nests in the caves
Bird's nests in the caves
These yound fledglings need to be sure they can fly before they leave the nest - or their first flight will be their last.
07 Turkey Creek Roadhouse
Turkey Creek Roadhouse
08 The BOSS and the Tim Tams
The BOSS and the Tim Tams
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