Revisiting the past

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our tent leaks and everything that touches the sides gets wet. Everyone woke to a miserable rainy day. I did some running repairs on our tent and attached strings to the fly to hold it away from the tent. All our plans are blown because we can't move out of Kununurra.
I once had a friend here but after 24 years I held out little hope that I would be able to find her. I asked at reception for the local phone book and to my great surprise, there she was listed. I rang the number and she picked up - instantly recognizing my name and very excited to hear my voice. Narelle and I had gone to uni together back in the early 80's. We had been arrested together in Tasmania protesting against the Franklin Dam and had spent a night in Hobart gaol together. We had lost track of each other after uni - me having traveled overseas and Narelle having gone to a different uni to do further study. Several years earlier she had tried to track me down through the uni but they didn't know where I was either.
Narelle had to go to work so we made arrangements to meet up that afternoon. The rest of the group were off to see some museums so we went with them for the morning. We went to Zebra Rock Park, a geologist rock shop and the Rum Factory where they brew several varieties of local rum. Adrian dropped us in town just as the weather started to clear.

Narelle came and picked us up and we spent the rest of the day and into the evening catching up on 24 years of life. Narelle had two delightful teenage boys who got on very well with the BOSS. Late in the evening she dropped us back at camp, very grateful to have missed yet another enthralling night of didge playing.

01 Narelle and I
Narelle and I
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