What drought?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yet another uncomfortable night even though I "acquired" a second swag thus doubling the distance between my body and the hard wet ground. Although the rain had now stopped and the sky was clear, reports were that both the Bungles Bungles road and the El Questro road were still closed to traffic. Many people had been caught inside the parks and either have to wait for the roads to dry out or get airlifted out. The fine for driving on closed roads is $1000 per tyre!
The plan for the day was a cruise on Argyle Lake and then an afternoon free so I rang Narelle again and we planned to meet up after the cruise. We headed out of town and explored the dam area, having lunch under the trees in the park.
We boarded to boat and our driver took us so see some shy wallabies (so shy they didn't appear) some crocodiles which were also shy and some catfish which were anything but shy. Argyle Lake is the largest inland sea, twice the size of Sydney Harbour and is home to lots of incredible wildlife including thousands of Golden orb weaving spiders.
Our last stop was the swimming hole with a high rock platform to jump off. Some of the braver boys went right to the 5m top but mostly everyone just stuck to the 2m leap. I didn't bother to do either - even though the water was warm, the wind chill factor was set to bitter/ frigid and I had learnt my lesson after my Santorini experience. All in all a very good cruise and great value for money.
We went back into town and raided the supermarket for supplies. Adrian is very slack about morning and afternoon tea and we are all starving from 6 hours gap between breakfast, lunch and dinner. We stocked up on munchies and juice and fresh fruit then met up again with Narelle for a coffee and a chat.
Back at camp, the good news was that the El Questro road was open and we were headed off there the following morning. This was indeed very good news, even though it was a delight to see Narelle again, 3 nights stuck in Kununurra was enough. Now if only the Bungle Bungles road would open then we would really be back on track.

01 Argyle Dam
Argyle Dam
02 Argyle Dam
Argyle Dam
03 Argyle Lake
Argyle Lake
04 Golden orb weaving spiders
Golden orb weaving spiders
05 Crocs and spiders
Crocs and spiders
06 Windswept and interesting
Windswept and interesting
07 Waving not drowning
Waving not drowning
08 The BOSS relaxing
The BOSS relaxing
09 Jumping off the rocks
Jumping off the rocks
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