Bungle Bungles at last

Bungle Bungles
Friday, June 29, 2007

Great news - we can get into the Bungle Bungles, so we decamped at 6am so Adrian could get into Zeebeedee springs before anyone else. A brisk morning walk and lukewarm springs before breakfast - oh joy. As the water temperature was above freezing, I dared to bare my winter white body to the world and got into a little pool with the BOSS. Getting in was not the problem - getting out was awfully cold but a brisk walk back to the bus warmed me up.
Some of the girls had started cooking breakfast - French toast and sausages (what diet?). It was gorgeous countryside and fabulous atmosphere. Despite a few little hiccups I am enjoying the camping immensely and relaxing - not thinking about work at all.
We drove out of El Questro and south towards the Bungle Bungles, back tracking the road we passed 4 days earlier. It started getting really bumpy when we turned onto the Bungle Bungles road and one of the group was quite green after 50km's being rocked around in the back of the bus.
We thankfully arrived and set up camp at the base of the Bungle Bungles around 3pm. We pitched the tents and then drove up to the lookout to watch the sunset. It was very pleasant - the first time we had not been rushed - that is until the sun went down and immediately Adrian headed back to the bus ordering us all to follow. I would have liked to stay a little longer and see the fabulous colours but back to camp we went. Another open fire and Shepherd's Pie for dinner - a gorgeous evening spoilt only by the hideous I-pod house music and the ever present didgeridoo.

01 Zeebeedee Springs
Zeebeedee Springs
02 The BOSS in the hot springs
The BOSS in the hot springs
03 Bush breakfast
Bush breakfast
04 Bush lunch
Bush lunch
05 Bungle Bungle ranges
Bungle Bungle ranges
06 Sunset on the Bungle Bungle ranges
Sunset on the Bungle Bungle ranges
07 Sunset on the Bungle Bungle ranges
Sunset on the Bungle Bungle ranges
08 The group watching the sunset
The group watching the sunset
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