The Mozzies are meaner than the crocs

Mary River
Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Woken up before sunrise, breakfast, packed and on the move by 6.30am. First stop Jim Jim Falls. After a 12 km 4WD over very bumpy track, we reached the base of the falls. It was then a 1km walk over huge rocks to get to the rockpool. The rocks were the size of a person and many times we had to jump from one to another. With the realization that I am no longer a gazelle, the BOSS had to help me most of the way. When we reached the rockpool, we were greeted by a magnificent white sandy beach but the water was so unbelievably cold, only the bravest or stupidest entered beyond their ankles. We hung out and just absorbed the peace and listened to the birds.
The BOSS and I left 10 minutes before the rest of the crowd, hoping to tackle the boulders without holding everyone up. We were barely a quarter of the way back before the group overtook us. By the time I completed the 1km scramble, my left knee had completely collapsed and was clicking in and out indiscriminately. It also didn't help that 3 days earlier at the hot springs, I had scraped all the skin off the top of my left foot and now the sore had stuck to my sock and was threatening to become infected. In spite of my whinging, the walk to the falls were the most amazing I have every done.
After lunch we visited the Bowali Visitor Centre* and watched an excellent film about the wet season before driving on to Point Stuart on the Mary River. Justin took us on a walk through the monsoonal rainforest but we didn't see much and were eaten alive by mozzies.
Justin is a brilliant guide and even though he also played the didgeridoo, he didn't constantly shove it down everyone's throats. He explained the technique of playing so well that the entire group was able to produce a sound - including the BOSS.
* Undoubtedly the best information / tourist centres I have ever encountered in all my travels across the globe have been in Kakadu. Here you will find a well built, modern, cool buildings with fans, cool drinking fountains, tables, chairs, air-conditioned cinema and a souvenir shop with excellent, authentic, good quality Tshirts, jewellery, posters, cards etc etc.
If you want examples of the worst ever information centres please read this entry from Greece and this one from Italy.

01 Jim Jim Falls
Jim Jim Falls
02 The crocodile trap
The crocodile trap
03 Jim Jim Falls
Jim Jim Falls
04 Too cold even for the BOSS
Too cold even for the BOSS
05 Permanent tents
Permanent tents
06 Super comfy beds - yeah right
Super comfy beds - yeah right
07 The better tents
The better tents
08 Strangler fig
Strangler fig
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