Why I became a pilot...

Alice Springs
Sunday, July 15, 2007

Last day - we packed, we waited for the shuttle, we read, we wrote and we counted our insect bites.
Now if you are wondering about the title of this episode Why I became a pilot here's the story:

When I first visited the Northern Territory in 1989 I was 24, single and working as a travel agent in Sydney. I had spent the previous 5 years living and traveling around Europe but when I saw the stunning beauty of the Outback, I couldn't believe that it had been in my own backyard the whole time. I was so impressed with the spectacular scenery, atmosphere and environment that I wanted to come back and live for a while to really get the feel for the place. I did not want to return and work as a travel agent, just to be stuck behind another desk. As I was sitting in Todd Park, Alice Springs contemplating what to do, a helicopter flew overhead. I decided then and there that that was what I wanted to do - become a pilot.
I returned to Sydney and immediately started my flying training. However, I got sidetracked into the adrenalin rush of aerobatics and never completed my training - then about 8 months later, fell pregnant to my flying instructor.

Thus began the BEST journey of my life - motherhood!

01 The park where it all began
The park where it all began
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