A Long Way Back to Reality

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another perfect weather day - just as well as we had a LONG way to go and I did not fancy repeating Day 1.
We got a fairly early start and filled up in Jindabyne before settling in for the long slog. The traffic wasn't too heavy and the roads were good so it wasn't unbearable - just damn boring.
One memorable feature of the Snowy Ride will be the bugs. I'm not sure which is worse - the big black bugs we had in Bavaria which sting like a bullet or the tiny little bugs which get in your eyes and nose and ears and commit suicide on your visor in their 1000's - blocking out all vision. Every time we stopped a gazillion flies would come and feed on the squashed bugs on the bikes and we would have to scrape all the dried carcasses off our helmets.

We reached Queanbeyan in good time and instead of competing with the trucks on the Hume Highway, we decided to do the backroads through Bungendore and Tarago. It was a good decision as the roads were almost clear of traffic and like the previous day, smooth and well maintained. In Tarago, I stopped once again to clean my visor and noticed the famous pub The Loaded Dog - named after a very very funny story by Henry Lawson. Unfortunately we didn't have time to stop for a drink but instead pushed on to Goulburn for a very nice Chinese lunch.

We jumped onto the Freeway for 20kms only - jumping off at Marulan to once again do the backroads through Moss Vale and Robertson, stopping of course at the Robertson Pie Shop. I wanted to show Gary Macquarie Pass - an iconic road for many motorcyclists as it weaves through the rainforest in tight twisty narrow turns. It was quite a nice run down the mountain - the only truck we met happened to be on one of the hairpin bends which just adds to the excitement.
After Mac Pass it was just a straight run back to Sydney - arriving home early evening after 11 hours in the saddle.
1777kms total in 4 days - and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

01 Bugs committing suicide on my visor
Bugs committing suicide on my visor
02 Flycity
03 The Loaded Dog
The Loaded Dog
04 Lunchtime in Goulburn
Lunchtime in Goulburn
05 The BIG Potato
The BIG Potato
06 Robertson Pie Shop
Robertson Pie Shop
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