Day 3 Beginning to relax

Somewhere southwest of, New Caledonia
Saturday, January 11, 2008

I'm really beginning to get the hang of this life at sea. I'm starting to recognize faces and even nodding to fellow "mile" walkers. I picked up the sudoku from the library, collected MBB from the cabin and went for breakfast. After eating, I deposited MBB back in the cabin to continue her snooze mode and I went to expose my lily white body to the world at the swimming pool.
The adults only pool is on the aft deck - it's small and round and not very deep but perfect to submerge in. I managed to get wet in between 2 sets of horrible little children invading the water - and I resisted asking them if they could read!
Two of our dinner companions Alison and Sue, were also escaping children and trying to catch some rays through the overcast sky on the aft deck, so I lathered up in sunscreen and joined them on the sun lounges for 1/2 an hour, basking in the clouds and cooling breeze. 
MBB had not emerged by lunchtime so I had a snack by myself in the Horizon Court buffet and tackled the sudoku. Another quick dip and another mile and MBB joined me on deck for some backgammon and cocktails. We found some shade under the stairs on the aft deck but by 4pm the weather had turned icky and so we retreated to the cabin for a shower. It was then that I noticed all the places on my body that I had missed with my sunscreen lathering. My face, neck and the very bottom of my legs were turning a nasty shade of pink.  I shouldn't have laughed at Mick's sunburn because mine was now worse. I had the big white circles around my eyes from my sunglasses and MBB had to crack open the heavy duty makeup powder to make me presentable. 
Dinner was turning out to be the best part of the day - great company and great food - so much so that we were the last to leave the dining room.
Before retiring to bed I relathered all my burnt bits and noticed that my legs had developed into a brilliant scarlet dots more like a rash than sunburn. It was not sore to touch and it was not radiating heat like my face - very strange.

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