Day 10

South Pacific somewhere
Saturday, January 18, 2008

Final day - mooched around all day with the itinerary revolving (once again) around food.
Breakfast in Horizon Court, sudoku, search for decent coffee, fill in disembarkment forms, second breakfast when MBB woke up, lose at bingo, walk a mile, swim, sunbake on aft deck, lunch (after 10 days we finally found the pizzeria), lose big time at bingo ($3000 jackpot went to some lady from Perth), another search for decent coffee, walked another mile, returned library books and backgammon set, showered, packed and dressed for our final dinner. 

My packing consisted of scooping the entire contents of the wardrobe and unceremoniously dumping the lot into my suitcase - which will simply be emptied in its entirity into the washing machine.
Note to self - bring lots more t-shirts - I brought 10 thinking 10 days at sea - not thinking that I would be changing 2-3 times a day due to swimming etc.   

Our suitcases were placed in the hall and then they are magically whisked away only to (hopefully) reappear tomorrow having already cleared customs.

01 All packed
All packed
02 Rabbit food
Rabbit food
03 Our final dessert
Our final dessert
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