On the road again

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Friday, March 23, 2012

It's been nearly 6 years since my last overseas trip and a lot has happened.
The BOSS is now 21 and has a scooter of her own - a Vespa. She spent 18 months working and travelling in the US and Europe. She has just started at Sydney University so she can't come with me this time - she will be holding down the fort.
I sold a company, started another company, launched a website, nearly sold a website for an obscene amount of money, changed direction completely and developed an interest in history, and won a government competition with one of my web designs. 
My mum passed away suddenly and tragically with her life's work unfinished.
I was in a traffic accident which has left me with a permanently bung knee and a brain stent and for 3 years my life has revolved around physio appointments and surgery.

It's time for me to blow away some cobwebs.....

Over the last few years my physio and I have figured out that my leg responds really well if I stay off it. Go figure! So the best way for me to not stress out the muscles is to ride a scooter - long distances - and often! 

Hence Scooter Therapy.

Le Grande Plan: first stop France with my 87 year old aunt and cousin to tramp around the WWI Battlefields for a month.
Part two - put my aunt and cousin on a plane back to Oz and hop across to UK to pick up my steed.
Part three - spend 3 months cruising the Pyrenees, Swiss Alps, Dolomites and any other good twisties I can find using my new bible "John Hermann's Motorcycle Journeys Through the Alps & Beyond".

Meet Henry III
Meet Henry III
This is my new steed - shivering his tyres off in a UK garage waiting for me to take him on an adventure
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