Orange Mobile France SUX!!! Part 3

Sharpthorne, England
Monday, May 21, 2012

If you need to get an EU sim card and you do not speak fluent French - stay away from Orange Mobile phones in France.

Seriously you will have less hassle and it will cost you a lot less money to just get a UK sim card and use it roaming.

Part 1 of the Orange Mobile SIM disaster is here and Part 2 is here.

Quick recap - I bought a SIM, I bought some credit - and within a few days all my credit had disappeared without me using the phone at all. Orange have admitted fault but have been total bastards about giving me back the money they stole off me.

They have no avenues for non-French speaking customers to resolve problems and every one of their staff from the shops to the phones, is unbelievably rude.

After dealing with the obnoxious lady in Paris, I decided to ring the English Help line to finally get some answers. I still don't know what a call costs and what an SMS costs.

I'm now in the UK, so the phone call to the English Helpline will be an international call back to France.
Even though Orange UK is technically the same company as Orange France, there is no crossover for assistance or management. Seriously, you would think there would be a raging market for an EU/UK sim that actually crossed borders and united Europe.

Anyway, I dig out the Orange booklet and look up the number - I finally get through to the English helpline after 10 minutes on hold - only to be told that "Sorry Madam, we only deal with Orange Internet and Orange cable TV - we don't do mobiles"
But... but.... you are the English Helpline that is advertised in the booklet that came with my sim.
"I'm sorry madam, I'll put you through to the Mobile section - but they only speak French"


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