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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I packed and I repacked - and then panic set in. I was WAY overweight.
I was to fly on two different airlines which had two different weight policies.
Air France is one bag only - I had four although one was my helmet bag. Malaysian Airlines was 20kg only plus 5kg hand luggage. I had at least 25kg plus 8kg hand luggage - that damned helmet again.
I was certain I would have to donate a kidney to get it all home.

The plan was Air France to Paris, overnight at the Ibis and then Malaysian from Paris to Sydney the following day.
The plan went horribly astray before I even got to the airport. There was a massive accident on the M25 and I sat in a bus for 3 hours. Missed my French flight and as it Friday night of a long weekend, there are no available seats to get me to Paris before my next flight.

Malaysian Airlines came to the rescue and changed my Paris - Sydney to Heathrow - Sydney. Simple as! I fly out at 10pm and arrive in Sydney 12 hours earlier than expected.
AND they let me on with my overweight bag - they made me repack a tiny bit and take the MC jacket out but then didn't question why I had 4 bags (10kg) and two coats as hand luggage

Only one thing left to do - inform the BOSS that she has 12 hours less time to clean the house before my arrival.

No internet - no internet at Heathrow!! What a backward policy. Didn't they just have the Olympic Games? and yet they could not put internet in the airport.
I could pay a pound for 10 minutes on the "restricted" machine or pay 19 pounds to join an ISP for a month but I couldn't get online for an hour to send a message through Facebook for the BOSS to pick me up earlier.

Solved that by ringing Ruth and getting her to do it.

Uneventful (long, tedious, boring, cramped) flight - very smooth, ate and slept.
Arrive in KL for a 5 hour wait till my next flight. I am already smelly and would kill for a shower.

Please note: Kuala Lumpur has FREE internet in the entire airport.

About half of what I need to pack
About half of what I need to pack
Well it's only one bag
Well it's only one bag
Weighing 25+ kilos
Weighing 25+ kilos
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