The Hunt Collection

Presenting the George Hunt Photographic collection - photos from 1908 to 1940 documenting life on the Richmond River, Northern NSW.
The collection contains hundreds of photos of the boats which travelled the river to transport mail, cargo and passengers. As there were very few roads, the river was the highway. Life on the farms and in the towns revolved around the tides and shipping movements. Whether by small passenger steamers or huge cargo vessels, the skill of the ships captains was tested daily; navigating the winding river and crossing the treacherous bar at the Heads.
The Hunt Collection book is a series of beautifully restored maritime photos taken by George Hunt from the banks of his farm at Tuckurimba on the North Arm (now Wilson River).
George’s first camera was a half plate Thornton Pickard with which he chronicled town, farm and river life for the next 40+ years. He developed his photos in an old tin bathtub and the prints have survived over 100 years. Lovingly digitised and restored by Jacqui Kennedy, the full collection of over 1000 photos is now preserved in archival albums and the digital prints available to researchers, museums and historians.
The significance of this collection cannot be overstated. Few districts in Australia had their history recorded by a local photographer as comprehensively as the Northern Rivers.
George took thousands of photos; family groups, animals, birds, farm activities, community events, trains, planes and ships. He enjoyed experimenting with portraits and landscapes and always had a selection of willing family members and young women in the neighbourhood who would dress up in their finery to have their photos taken.

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54 page hardcover book featuring hundreds of beautifully restored photographs of the riverboats. Each boat has been extensively researched and together with the history of ship building on the Richmond River, this book covers 100 years of maritime history.

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