Plans go astray

Stuttgart, Germany
Sunday, June 25, 2006

As there was a world cup game playing in Stuttgart we decided to avoid going into the city and choose to explore Ludwigsberg instead. Breda dug out all her brochures and we planned a day of sightseeing. I went off to have a quick shower and lay down for five minutes. Five hours later I woke up and didn't believe the BOSS when she told me it was 2.30pm!!

The BOSS had made plans to go out with the twins again so I went for a walk with Breda into Marbach. It was close to 40oC and the 5 km walk zapped all my remaining energy and I collapsed on the lounge for the rest of the evening.

England won the world cup game but a severe hail storm prevented them from ransacking Stuttgart as they had the night before.

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