Another pretty town

Tubingen, Germany
Monday, June 26, 2006

Again we had been invited to stay with a Hospitality Club family, this time a doctor, his wife and two children. They would not be home from work until 6pm and as it was just a 30km drive from Stuttgart we spent the day exploring Tubingen.

It is a delightful little university town with old buildings mixed in with the new. It has a fabulous river running through it with punts cruising along - reminding me of Cambridge in England. We had a wonderful lunch in the town square and watched the world go by for an hour or so. I then got an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and desperately needed to be horizontal. We headed for the island in the middle of the river and spent the next 3 hours watching the punts and the birds and attempting to get some sleep, using the BOSS as a pillow. (I think I'm not well).

Deciding not to waste the entire day, we headed for the highest point in town - the old castle, now an archeological museum. It provided a spectacular view but little else of interest.

We rocked up to Unterjesingen at the assigned hour and were greeted enthusiastically by Till, Natascha, Nils (13), Paulina (9) and Joyce, Natascha's mother. They are such a delightful family and so welcoming. Natascha had cooked a traditional meat and pastry dish from the region and they were all fascinated by the photos from our trip. We talked long into the night and collapsed into bed - their bed - they had given up their bed and they slept on the fold out lounge.

Now that's hospitality!

01 Bebenhausen monastry
Bebenhausen monastry
02 Well covered well
Well covered well
03 Tubingen town hall
Tubingen town hall
04 Town hall in detail
Town hall in detail
05 Punts on Neckar river
Punts on Neckar river
06 The BOSS writing emails
06 The BOSS writing emails
07 Tubingen castle
Tubingen castle
08 Cool windows
Cool windows
09 View of the river
View of the river
10 Kilroy woz ere
Kilroy woz ere
11 Watermelon anyone??
Watermelon anyone??
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