Two wheels too many!

Tow Law, United Kingdom
Monday, August 7, 2006

Woke up very stiff and sore this morning and the bruises are developing nicely - really psychedelic shade of purple. After about a million phone calls we got all the insurance sorted and the bike damage assessed (can be fixed but not in time for me) and tried to organise a replacement bike (not happening) and arranged car hire for our last 20 days. Not happy! It's two wheels too many!

The bike had been taken to a holding yard about 10 kms from York; Northallerton (where we had been taken in the ambulance) was about 90kms north of York. The keys for the bike had come with me in the ambulance and now I had to get them back to the bike.
So we grudgingly paid 35 pounds for a taxi to get the hire car at Teeside airport - 40kms north of Northallerton, and then drove SOUTH through Thirsk (where we stopped briefly to visit James Herriot) and on to Malton where the bike was. Three hours later (7pm) we had completed our 200+ km round trip to be back exactly where we had started.

The car is purple - matches my bruises - and we have nicknamed her the Sloth. It's very different getting back into a car and I keep driving too close to the kerb. The BOSS is also amused that I keep trying to avoid uneven bits in the road like I do on the bike. I quite like the fact that I can talk to the BOSS without screaming into the wind but I miss the scooter - I feel like crying every time a bike goes past us.

We tried to make up some distance and drove for a further hour through the stunning Yorkshire Moors and Dales. I love this countryside, full of lovely little villages and beautiful farms. We pulled in to a little place called Tow Law and found a room in the first pub we tried.

01 The gorgeous Yorkshire countryside
The gorgeous Yorkshire countryside
02 Alf Wight Vet - aka James Herriot
Alf Wight Vet - aka James Herriot
03 Reconstructed 1940's house
Reconstructed 1940's house
04 Genuine 1940's car
Genuine 1940's car
05 The BOSS answering a 1940's phone
The BOSS answering a 1940's phone
06 The BOSS with her arm up a cow's backside
The BOSS with her arm up a cow's backside
07 Thirsk church
Thirsk church
08 Stunning Yorkshire Moors
Stunning Yorkshire Moors
09 Sun rays over the dales
Sun rays over the dales
10 Sunset
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