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Bungle Bungles
Saturday, June 30, 2007

Slept really well last night due to me acquiring the spare sleeping bag and being so toasty warm I was actually stripping off layers of clothes in the middle of the night. We are staying here for another night so we didn't have to pack up our tents and got to have a rare lie in and lazy breakfast.
We headed around to the eastern side of the Bungle Bungles and did the Cathedral Chasm and Picaninny Creek walks. Adrian played didge in the chasm which was the only appropriate place for it and it sounded really spectacular.
The walk was quite long and very hot in the midday sun but well worth it. My ankles are really sore from walking on the round rocks in dry river beds.
After lunch, some of us went on the 1/2 hour helicopter flight over the ranges. The helicopters hold 3 people plus the pilot and don't have any doors. GEM sat in the back with the BOSS and it took quite a bit of persuasion to get her in. It was an exhilarating and scary flight with the most magnificent views of the Bungle Bungles domes and gorges.

In the afternoon we headed up to Echidna Gorge which is a great little walk getting narrower and narrower until it's just 1 metre wide in places. Back at camp we had a fairly lazy evening with burritos for dinner and a didge playing 'competition' round the campfire. (sigh)

01 The BOSS and I
The BOSS and I
02 Bungle Bungles
Bungle Bungles
03 Cool rock formations
Cool rock formations
04 Still waters
Still waters
Entry to Cathedral Chasm Bungle Bungle Range WA
05 Cathedral Chasm
Cathedral Chasm
06 Termite mound pretending to be a bungle
Termite mound pretending to be a bungle
07 Split rock
Split rock
08 Our ride
Our ride
09 Bungle Bungles
Bungle Bungles
10 Bungle Bungles
Bungle Bungles
11 Lightning strike
Lightning strike
The white patch was where the rock was struck by lightning which blasted a huge section away exposing the natural colour of the raw rock underneath
12 White knuckled GEM
White knuckled GEM
13 Bungle Bungles
Bungle Bungles
14 Bungle Bungles
Bungle Bungles
15 The palms grow tall in Echidna Gorge
The palms grow tall in Echidna Gorge
16 Echidna Gorge
Echidna Gorge
17 The BOSS in the gorge
The BOSS in the gorge
18 Bush dunnies or "long drops"
Bush dunnies or "long drops"
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