Happy Birthday to Me

South Pacific somewhere
Friday, January 17, 2008

Slept in till 9am. Had a quick breakfast in Horizon Court with the good muesli and lousy coffee. (I am yet to find a decent cup of coffee on this ship!)  At 10 we went to Vista Lounge to watch the Head Chef give a cooking demo and then for a tour of the galley.  All my friends know how much I loathe cooking, so I was really just hanging around for the galley tour and to find out how many eggs they stock up on before leaving port.
However, the demo exceeded expectations. It was really quite funny and the pastry chef made my favourite dessert, tiramisu. Most of the 2000 passengers had piled into the Vista Lounge to watch the demo and then they all traipsed down to the kitchens for the 'tour'. I decided to forgo the conga line and instead hung around for the $2000 jackpot bingo. MBB fetched me a "real" coffee from the cafe but it was only just average having arrived lukewarm in a paper cup.

Princess Cruises really must pick up their standards with the coffee - we don't all like settling for the equivalent of Starbucks.
I didn't win the bingo jackpot even though it was my birthday so I walked off my disappointment for a mile and a bit I cooled off in the pool before lunch. MBB joined me to watch the movie Hairspray. Late in the afternoon I walked another mile and a bit, before getting dressed for our last formal dinner.

We had a fabulous night at dinner - one of the best ever birthdays I've had. The waiters sang Happy Birthday and they did a procession of the bombe Alaska and gave me a chocolate cake which was too rich to eat. We hung around for the champagne fountain (750 glasses) which was a bit of a gimmick - pure photo opportunity. We poked our noses into the casino but figured I had donated enough money to the bingo cause and needn't add any more to the Princess Cruises gambling fund.
Tucked up in bed by 1am and thus begins my 45th year.

01 My balloons
My balloons
02 Promenade Deck
Promenade Deck
03 Sunset
04 My birthday dinner
My birthday dinner
05 My birthday cake
My birthday cake
06 My birthday dessert
My birthday dessert
07 The bombe alaska
The bombe alaska
08 The sweets line-up
The sweets line-up
09 Me and My Best Buddy
Me and My Best Buddy
10 Raul and Pachinai
Raul and Pachinai
11 The waiter's serenade
The waiter's serenade
12 Our mob
Our mob
13 The champagne fountain
The champagne fountain
14 The champagne fountain
The champagne fountain
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